Boeing's market value collapsed with about $ 27 billion after the Ethiopian crash

2019-04-07 | Since 2 Year

Boeing's market value decreased by $ 26.6 billion. (Boeing 737 Max 8), which occurred in Ethiopia on Sunday.

Trading data for Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange, the value of shares, "Boeing" fell by 6.15 percent to $ 375.41 per share. On Monday, the stock was 5.33% and at the end of two days slightly more than 11%. On Friday, the market value of Boeing was USD 422.54 per share.

Boeing's market value since the beginning of the week was $ 26.6 billion or $ 238.7 billion To $ 212.2 billion, according to the status quo of Friday's bid.

A total of 157 people, 35 nationals of 35 countries, were killed in an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft after leaving Addis Ababa's airport to Nairobi.

This is the second disaster over the last five months for Allen P aircraft mentioned after the company "Leon R." Airlines Indonesian plan disaster October / October last year 29. [19659002] This has a large number of countries and companies have decided to ban the use of "Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9" aircraft.

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