Turkish Public Prosecutor orders the arrest of 101 soldiers from the command of ground forces

2019-04-07 | Since 2 Year

Since the alleged coup d'état attempt, the Turkish President Recep Tayyep Erdogan has hold assassination all his opponents. After capturing thousands of Kurdish politicians, including parliamentarians such as the former People's Democratic Party Salah al-Din Demirtash and Vijin Yoksek Dag. He has turned to the state's institutions and authorities, arrested tens of thousands, and expelled more than a hundred thousand of the service.

On Monday, the Turkish Prosecutor's Office ordered the arrest of 101 military men in command of the ground forces on suspicion of links to Fatehullah Gulen, which Erdogan accuses of involvement in the alleged coup d'état in 2016, while Gulen who resided in the United States rejects the charges.

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Public Prosecution, "67 of the military officers who have been ordered to be arrested are still in their jobs while administrative measures have been taken against 33 others."

From time to time, the Turkish authorities issue orders to arrest hundreds of state employees under the pretext of their connection to the alleged coup d'état, despite the passage of more than two and a half years.

Turkey is the largest prison in the world with the largest number of detained journalists, and is the most widely viewed place of repression and detention.

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