Public Works ministry releases total cost of Saudi-caused destruction

2019-04-07 | Since 2 Year

The Minister of Public Works and Roads of Yemen, Ghaleb Motlaq, has on Saturday confirmed that the Ministry of Public Works is the single most affected by the Saudi-led coalition war during the past four years of aggression, due to the systematic targeting of bridges, roads and crushers, as well as many buildings and warehouses that belong to the ministry.

He added that the Ministry represented by the Road Maintenance Fund and the General Organisation for Roads and Bridges was able to restore the demolished bridges and roads in coordination with international donor organisations.

The total cost of projects carried out by the Ministry until last February has run up to a total cost as detailed below:

695,181,480 riyal for road works, ferry restoration and protection work, 173,930 riyal for rebuilding damaged bridges, and another 775,504 riyals for the restoration of damaged buildings and irrigation canals.

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