Anthropic unveils Cloud 2, an AI model that generates longer, safer responses

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solo7 August 2023Last Update : 2 months ago
Anthropic unveils Cloud 2, an AI model that generates longer, safer responses

San Francisco-based AI security startup Anthropic today announced the release of Cloud 2, a more capable version of its AI model Cloud that enables longer and safer interactions with humans.

The updated model has been trained on the additional data to generate responses for up to 4000 tokens, up from about 512 tokens in the last version (Cloud 1.3) released just four months ago. According to Anthropic, Cloud 2 significantly improves performance on metrics such as coding, math and logic problems while generating more harmless responses, addressing concerns about potential abuse.

Anthropic Go-to-Market (GTM) Lead, Sandy Banerjee, said in a recent interview, “Cloud 2 has improved performance, longer responses, and it’s available through APIs as well as a new public-facing beta website.” , accessible through” with VentureBeat. “We hear from our users that Cloud is easy to interact with, explains its thinking clearly, is less likely to produce harmful results, and has a long memory.”

“I’m excited for people to try out Cloud 2,” he said. “Users should treat it as their curious new ally with little context. Provide information about who you are, what you want from AI, and the context of the task you’re delivering. Cloud can iterate and take feedback really well.


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Anthropic’s approach seems to be resonating with enterprises. According to Banerjee, the startup is working with “thousands of businesses” using the cloud API, including productivity companies like Slack and Notion. The 100k token context window (that’s the amount of information you can input) in Clod2 is enabling new use cases like summarizing long conversations or drafting memos and op-eds, he said.

Banerjee said that Cloud2 was designed to be helpful, harmless and honest, and the company is always trying to make improvements together on these axes. He also said that Anthropic is following a responsible and measured deployment approach, starting with a few markets — the US and the UK — with plans to expand to more regions.

Direct challenge to ChatGPT

Founded in 2021 by former OpenAI research officers Dario Amodei, Daniela Amodei, Jack Clark, Sam McCandlish and Tom Brown, Anthropic’s mission is to build AI products people can trust and generate research about AI opportunities and risks Can

The company has so far raised $1.5 billion in funding from Google, Salesforce Ventures, Spark Capital, Sound Ventures, Zoom Ventures and other investors. Anthropic has also published over 15 security research papers on topics such as constitutional AI, social impact, interpretation, red teaming, and scaling law.

Anthropic has also partnered with a number of companies that are using Cloud 2 for various use cases. Some of these partners include:

  • Lethargy and Perception: These productivity tools use the cloud to summarize conversations, draft documentation, iterate based on feedback, create detailed business content, and more.
  • Midway: This popular AI tool uses Cloud as a content moderator on its Discord channel to quickly categorize user-generated content.
  • Zoom: This popular video conferencing platform uses the cloud to empower its contact center agents to respond to customer queries faster and more efficiently.
  • Robin A: This legal services platform uses the cloud to detect loopholes and provide recommended language to improve the strength of contracts.
  • Sourcegraph: This code AI platform harnesses the cloud’s superior reasoning capabilities to provide more accurate answers to user questions as well as provide more codebase context.
  • Jasper: This generative AI platform uses the cloud to enable individuals and teams to scale their content strategies more quickly.

The growing need for ‘secure’ enterprise chatbots

In an industry dominated by major players such as OpenAI, Anthropic is gaining popularity by focusing on developing responsible, transparent and easy-to-use AI solutions. Banerjee highlighted the company’s measured approach towards deployment and continuous improvement as key factors in their success. “We measure things a lot. It is a continuous deployment process,” she said.

Anthropic has also attracted a lot of attention for its innovative approach to AI security and ethics. The company’s Red Teaming dataset, published on Hugging Faces, is one of the most widely used datasets in this field. This underscores Anthropic’s commitment to ethical AI practices and its dedication to helping customers improve the performance of their AI systems.

The launch of Cloud 2 represents a major milestone for Anthropic as it continues to challenge the status quo in the AI ​​industry. Companies interested in leveraging the power of AI to streamline their operations, improve decision-making and stay ahead of the competition should take a close look at Anthropic’s latest offering.

The launch of Cloud 2 by Anthropic comes at a time when the demand for AI technologies is increasing rapidly across various industries and domains. However, it also comes with challenges such as ensuring the security, reliability, transparency and alignment of AI systems with human values. Anthropic’s approach of combining frontier research with product development aims to address these challenges and create AI systems that are truly helpful to businesses and consumers.

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