US announces cyber security labeling program for smart devices

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solo19 July 2023Last Update : 2 months ago
US announces cyber security labeling program for smart devices

The Cyber ​​Trust Initiative was first announced in October following a meeting between the White House and representatives of the tech industry.

The US government and major consumer technology players have launched an effort to launch a nationwide cybersecurity certification and labeling program to help consumers choose smart devices that are less vulnerable to hacking.

Officials compared the new US Cyber ​​Trust Mark initiative, which will be overseen by the Federal Communications Commission in which industry participation will be voluntary, to the Energy Star program, which rates the energy efficiency of appliances.

“This will allow Americans to confidently identify which Internet and Bluetooth-connected devices are cyber-secure,” Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Neuberger told reporters at a pre-announcement briefing.

Amazon, Best Buy, Google, LG Electronics USA, Logitech and Samsung are among the industry participants.

Devices including baby monitors, home security cameras, fitness trackers, televisions, refrigerators and smart climate control systems that meet US government cybersecurity requirements will carry the “Cyber ​​Trust” label, a shield logo, as early as next year, officials said. Will wear.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said the mark would give consumers “peace of mind” and benefit manufacturers, whose products must meet criteria set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to qualify.

The FCC was beginning a rulemaking process to set the standards and seek public comment. In addition to carrying the logo, participating devices will have QR codes that can be scanned for updated security information.

Consumers can expect to see certification-ready products at CES 2024, the industry’s annual January show, after the FCC adopts final rules, the Consumer Technology Association said in a statement. A senior Biden administration official said it is expected that products that qualify for the logo will undergo annual re-certification.

The proliferation of so-called smart devices coincides with increasing cybercrime in which an unsecured device can often give a cyber intruder a dangerous foothold on home networks.

Based on monitoring smart homes, an April report by cybersecurity firm Bitdefender and networking equipment company Netgear found that the most vulnerable devices in 2022 were remote smart TVs, followed by smart plugs, routers and digital video recorders. .

Providers of many smart home devices often do not update and patch software fast enough to thwart newly emerging malware threats. Officials said the Cybermark standards are expected to clarify which devices patch vulnerable software in a timely manner and secure their communications to maintain privacy. It would also be important to tell consumers what equipment is equipped for intrusion detection.

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