Twitter suffers after Elon Musk imposes ‘temporary emergency’ limit on tweet reading

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Twitter suffers after Elon Musk imposes ‘temporary emergency’ limit on tweet reading

Twitter users faced service issues on Saturday after owner Elon Musk imposed a limit on how many tweets can be read per day.

Tech mogul and Twitter owner Elon Musk has imposed temporary limits on the number of posts users can read in a day – restrictions he described as an attempt to prevent the unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable data from the site.

According to a tweet on the billionaire’s own Twitter account, verified users will be able to see 10,000 tweets per day, while unverified profiles will only be allowed to see 1,000.

The number drops even further for new unverified accounts that only 500 will be able to see.

On Saturday, they announced a much lower figure, initially limiting most users to seeing 600 tweets a day before updating the figure twice via tweets on their profiles.

Thousands of people filed complaints about problems accessing Twitter on Saturday following the announcement.

More than 7,500 people at one point reported problems using the social media service, based on complaints lodged on DownDetector, a website that tracks outages online.

Although this is a relatively small number of Twitter’s more than 200 million users worldwide, the problem was so widespread that the #TwitterDown hashtag started trending in some parts of the world.

The service disruption occurred a day after Twitter began requiring people to log in to the service to view tweets and profiles – a change to its long-standing practice of allowing all visitors to interact with Found what Musk often promotes as the world’s digital. Since buying Town Square last year for $44 billion (€42 billion).

In a Friday tweet, Musk described the new restrictions as a “temporary emergency measure” taken because “we were stealing so much data it was degrading service to normal users!”

Musk elaborated on the measures in a saturday tweet It was announced that unverified accounts would be temporarily limited to reading 600 posts per day while verified accounts could scroll through up to 6,000 posts per day.

Bans can result in users being locked out of Twitter for a day after scrolling through several hundred tweets.

The higher limit allowed on verified accounts is part of an $8-a-month subscription service that Musk launched earlier this year in an effort to boost Twitter revenue after taking over the company and laying off about three-quarters of its workforce. has fallen rapidly since. To cut costs and avoid bankruptcy.

Advertisers have since curtailed their spending on Twitter, partly because of changes that have allowed sometimes hateful and stinging content that offends a large portion of the service’s audience.

Musk recently hired a longtime NBC Universal executive Linda Yacarino to become CEO of Twitter In an effort to win back advertisers.

Inquiries from The Associated Press about Saturday’s access problems revealed a crude automated reply to the poo emoji that Twitter sends to most press inquiries without addressing the question.

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