Meta’s answer to Threads, Twitter, Why hasn’t it been launched in the EU?

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Meta’s answer to Threads, Twitter, Why hasn’t it been launched in the EU?

Meta’s new app has been listed in the US and UK, but there’s no potential EU launch date yet because of concerns about the block’s privacy rules.

Meta’s latest new app, threadsTwitter, which is expected to become the number one rival of the struggling Twitter led by Elon Musk, is finally here. If by “here” you mean anywhere outside the EU, ie.

Threads, a text-based conversation app currently tied to Instagram, debuted on the existing social media platform late Wednesday, attracting more than 10 million users in its first few hours of operation in the US and UK.

But EU residents are excluded from the mass promotion, as Meta works on how to make the new app compliant with the bloc’s regulatory standards.

Why is Threads not listed in EU countries?

Threads is not yet operational in the EU – and it may never be, as the bloc has stricter privacy rules than most other countries, and has given meta Have had to deal with some headaches in recent years.

It is not the EU that has prevented the launch of the app, but rather it is Meta that is already taking precautions.

Sources close to Meta said the company is not offering the app in the union’s member states as it is not sure about the requirements laid down. digital market actNew EU competition rules regulate how large online platforms use their market power.

The European Commission is currently discussing the rules with companies such as Meta and is expected to provide more guidance in September.

But even then, it’s unclear whether Threads will respect the EU’s strict privacy requirements. The app has been described by tech journalists as a “privacy nightmare” because, despite being a standalone app, it imports personal data from Instagram.

On its US version, Threads users are informed that it will collect a wide range of their data, including health and financial information, browsing history, location, purchases, contacts, search history, and sensitive information.

Advertisement information will also be collected from Instagram.

Such communication between social media platforms is prohibited in the EU. Meta was previously barred from launching advertising services on WhatsApp that used data from Facebook or Instagram, and the same will not apply for threads.

It’s unclear whether Threads will be suited for the EU market or if it will ever launch in the continent.

In January, Meta was fined more than €377 million for lacking a valid legal basis under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to run behavioral advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this week, the EU’s top court voted in favor of Germany’s anti-Carter watchdog, which argued it could take privacy issues into account when considering any antitrust case — leading to a Meta got another blow.

What do threads do?

The app has reportedly been in the works since January, but it couldn’t have been launched at a more perfect time for Threads to be a success.

Twitter, which has experienced a number of controversial changes since Musk took over the company last year, recently faced another backlash after it limited the number of tweets unsubscribed users could see in a day. .

Threads comes at a time when many Twitter users may be looking for alternatives. The app allows users to post text, videos and photos and – unlike Instagram – focuses on real-time interaction.

Users of Threads can publish short posts of up to 500 characters — versus Twitter’s 280 — and include links and videos up to 5 minutes long. Because it links to other meta social media platforms, a post on Threads can be easily shared to Instagram or Facebook as well.

The app’s feed includes posts from accounts users follow as well as recommendations for new discoveries, without the option to view content only from accounts users follow.

This app is free and, like other apps on Meta, is funded by advertising.

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