How technology like AI can unlock the ‘superpowers’ of the neurodiverse workforce

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How technology like AI can unlock the ‘superpowers’ of the neurodiverse workforce

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) could be a game-changer, as businesses look to take advantage of the skills of neurodiverse workers.

Diversity has long been in the spotlight, as employers struggle to recruit and retain talent. Now new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are catching the eye of creative people, as they seek to unleash different skills and ways of thinking.

“I think employers should consider or reflect on the fact that 15 to 20 percent of the workforce is neurodiverse,” Benjamin Braun, chief marketing officer of Samsung Europe, told Euronews Next at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

“They are sitting on a tremendous amount of superpowers. But as employers we have to unlock those superpowers by making sure we accommodate everyone in the workplace”.

Samsung’s CMO: A Personal Journey

Braun, who is dyslexic, says technology has an important role in developing a diverse workforce, based on her own personal journey.

“When I grew up and my father first brought home a computer, it had something called a spellcheck. It was absolutely amazing because when I turned in my homework at school, it was graded for its creativity, Not because of his creativity but because of spelling mistakes,” he recalled.

“I still use a lot of technology to do my job. I do a lot of voice dictation, spell checking, etc., and now with AI coming in, it can take it even further. Let’s see how How AI works. I’m an early adopter, I already use it.

“I can see the potential of it but, of course, we need to make sure we have the framework in place to make sure it’s safe to use”.

Boosting Productivity and Competitiveness

According to Deloitte, businesses that take on neurodivergent workers can gain a competitive edge, highlighting that it fosters diversity of ideas, different approaches to work, innovation and creativity.

It cites research showing that organizations with neurodivergent professionals in certain roles can be up to 30 percent more productive than those without them, and it can boost team morale.

“The creative industries are really good at accommodating neurodiverse people,” Brawn told Euronews Next.

“More often than not, we rely on individual people coming up with bold, great ideas and sequential thinking, rather than the lateral thinking that you find with many neurodiverse people. This allows you to approach business challenges in a new, creative and exciting way. allows to sort out and solve. way”.

He added: “Many people have beautiful thought processes, but they can find it challenging to express them verbally or put them in writing and that’s where technology comes in”.

Taking advantage of the Gen Z workforce

Diversity and inclusion go beyond a neurodiverse workforce. For example, the skills and attitudes of Gen Z have been used exclusively by Samsung.

“It’s very important that we reach different audiences, and every audience, every generation, is going to understand our communications a little bit differently,” Braun said.

“At Samsung, we’ve created the ‘Future Generation Lab’ where we employ Gen Zers who create content for Gen Z audiences; they do it on their Samsung phones, edit it and bring it live. So, it’s coming from Gen Zers to Gen Zers and it works very well”.

He continued: “What I find really interesting is that if you judge it by the numbers, it’s very fast. We had an instance when one of our future generation members used a Samsung frame. Made content about TV, got it live on Friday. Got millions of views on Sunday”.

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