Apple WWDC23: The biggest announcements from the event so far

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Apple WWDC23: The biggest announcements from the event so far

Apple’s “biggest event in a decade” is happening in California right now. Here are the main things announced.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 (WWDC) has been happening at Apple Park, California for the past few days and is proving to be the biggest event hosted by the tech giant in a decade.

As predicted, at the rate technology is evolving this year, Apple has made some major announcements that will surely set the bar for its peers in the months to come.

Here are the updates you need to know about.

Vision Pro: Apple unveils its highly anticipated mixed reality headset

Apple has showcased a long-rumored headset that will tether its users between the real world and the virtual one.

After years of speculation, the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook has hailed the arrival of sleek goggles called the “Vision Pro” — which Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs helped design.

The device will be able to toggle between virtual reality, or VR, and augmented reality (AR), which projects digital imagery while users can still see objects in the real world.

“This is the beginning of a journey that will bring a whole new dimension to powerful personal technology,” Cook told the crowd.

The headset will be equipped with 12 cameras, six microphones, and a variety of sensors that will allow users to control it and various apps with just their eyes and hand gestures.

The company has also developed a technology to create a three-dimensional digital version of each user to display during videoconferencing.

Although the Vision Pro won’t require physical controllers that can be clunky to use, the goggles will either need to be plugged into a power outlet or tethered to a portable battery in the headset.

The headset will run on a new operating system called VisionOS.

ios 17 coming soon

Prepare yourself iPhone users: Another update is coming.

The new iOS 17 promises users “major updates to communications apps, easier sharing with AirDrop, more intelligent text input, and new experiences with Journal and Standby.” Apple,

Highlights include the new Journal feature, which has been designed keeping in mind the mental health of end-users.

It gives owners of Apple devices the opportunity to share their thoughts – without worrying about them being shared elsewhere. Apple promises “With the ability to lock down the app, use of on-device processing, and end-to-end encryption, Journal is built to protect user privacy and ensure that no one – Including Apple – cannot access user’s entries”.

In a major step forward for accessibility, the new Live Voicemail feature translates incoming voicemail messages into real-time transcriptions as the message arrives. Also, calls identified as spam will not appear and will be rejected immediately.

MacBook Air has a bigger 15-inch screen

The longtime favorite MacBook Air is set to add a new, larger screen to its portfolio — without compensating for its sleek, lightweight design.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the first 15-inch MacBook Air. With its incredible performance and sleek design, the new MacBook Air is the world’s best 15-inch laptop. And it’s only possible with Apple silicon,” Apple said John Ternes, senior vice president of hardware engineering.

“From its massive Liquid Retina display and remarkably thin and fanless design, to exceptional battery life and an immersive six-speaker sound system, the new MacBook Air has it all”.

The new generation of MacBook Air will also feature the new M2 Ultrachip, which has up to 24-core CPU and 76-core GPU and is set to make Mac Studio a “performance powerhouse,” according to Apple.

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