Airbnb CEO says AI has the potential to increase productivity and create new jobs

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Airbnb CEO says AI has the potential to increase productivity and create new jobs

In a recent podcast, Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, envisioned “millions of start-ups” and job opportunities thanks to AI.

Since its introduction, one of the foremost concerns regarding artificial intelligence (AI) has been the risk of job displacement and replacement of human workers.

but recently Interview In his “This Week in Startups” podcast with entrepreneur Jason Calakanis, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky expressed optimism about AI’s impact on job creation — especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit or outside hustle.

A recent report revealed that about 4,000 people in the US lost their jobs for AI in May while the other by Goldman Sachs It was further claimed that around 300 million jobs are at risk of being replaced by the technology.

However, Chesky believes that AI has the potential to pave the way for more start-ups, and could benefit the field of entrepreneurship, as well as increase productivity in the workplace.

“I think this will create millions of start-ups…Entrepreneurship is going to be a boon,” Chesky said, as reported by the broadcaster. cnbc,

“one can essentially do what software engineering only allowed you to do five years ago”.

He further argued that instead of putting their jobs at risk, AI could make engineers about 30 percent more productive, which also helps companies save “tax” on hiring people.

He later added that for creatives, the only reason to be concerned about AI is if they refuse to be a part of it and use it as a tool to improve their work.

At Airbnb, Chesky showed his openness to AI and its capabilities and how employees are encouraged to use these tools to increase efficiency and become more productive.

As part of his vision for the company, Chesky said he would like to use AI to provide more personalized experiences to customers, and pointed out that the technology would be able to more deeply understand the individual and their needs and match them with the right product. Can help you match.

Too much focus on job displacement

Throughout history, advances in technology have created the fear of job loss. For example, the rise of the computer eliminated many jobs, but it also created more jobs that not only did not exist before but were difficult to predict.

Similarly, Chesky believes that people are focusing too much on potential job displacement, and that a huge opportunity exists for new jobs to emerge.

“I think it’s easier to imagine which jobs will be displaced than which jobs will be created,” Chesky said in the interview.

“We can imagine everything AI can do now. We can’t imagine everything that hasn’t happened yet because that requires us to imagine something that doesn’t exist,” he said.

However, Chesky said that although AI can have many benefits, he believes that the rapid growth of this technology is still worrying.

“I am concerned about how fast this is progressing and whether society is ready for this pace,” he said.

Other big names in the tech industry such as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak have also expressed their concern about the rapid development of AI and collectively signed an agreement. open letter Earlier this year, in view of the potential risks of AI, there was a industry to ban its development.

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