AI deepfakes are being weaponized in the US presidential race – and Trump is the latest target

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AI deepfakes are being weaponized in the US presidential race – and Trump is the latest target

The campaign of Donald Trump’s GOP rival tweeted a video containing fake photos of the former president hugging and kissing Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Artificial intelligence-generated images have been weaponized in the Republican Party presidential nomination race in the US, with former President Donald Trump at the receiving end of the fake images.

In a video put out by the campaign for his GOP rival candidate Ron DeSantis, Trump is criticized for not firing Anthony Fauci, the former chief medical adviser who oversaw America’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic Was taken care of

Often the subject of attacks from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine campaigners, Fauci is a political football in the Republican Party.

In a Trump-centric attack ad posted on social media earlier this week, the DeSantis War Room account published a video that began with a clip of the former president shooting people on the TV show The Apprentice, in which Trump got nationwide recognition as a TV star. ,

“You’re fired” became his catchphrase—and the video explicitly criticizes him for failing to fire Fauci during his time as president.

The caption accompanying the video reads: “Donald Trump became a household name by *firing countless people* on television – but when it came to Fauci…”

The video included a segment with several photos showing Trump and Fauci together, many of which have been confirmed to be AI-generated.

While the fake photos show Trump hugging and kissing Fauci, there is no mention in the video that these photos are fake.

Underneath the tweet is a community note, which states that some of the images are fake and AI-generated.

The note further states, “Moreover, Trump could not directly fire Dr. Fauci without going through an administrative judge or the late EO.”

Generative AI is being used to spread misinformation

The explosive growth in popularity and use of AI-generated text, audio, images and video has led to a corresponding increase in concerns about how manipulated media may become a growing threat to society and democracy.

One of the key issues many AI experts are concerned about is how generative AI is being used to spread fake news, misinformation and propaganda, which regulators and authorities cannot keep up with.

Even leaders in the AI ​​field, such as Sam Altman, founder of chatGPT maker OpenAI, are warning that government regulation and oversight are needed to address the risks posed by AI.

In May, the effects of AI on democratic processes were highlighted, with AI-generated content coming up for discussion in Turkey’s presidential election.

A video showing presidential candidate Kemal Kilikdaroglu speaking perfect English caused a stir once it was revealed that the video was AI-generated.

Deepfake expert Henry Ejder told EuronewsNext at the time that when AI videos designed to be satirical are taken out of context – which was the case here – they can be mistaken as real.

“Celebrities and politicians are especially at risk because they tend to speak to the camera a lot, stay still, and look straight down the lens. This is an easy way to video if they’re moving around and their The profile is changing,” he explained.

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