Google boss Sundar Pichai warns AI is ‘too important not to regulate’

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Google boss Sundar Pichai warns AI is ‘too important not to regulate’

Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai said today that artificial intelligence (AI) is too important not to be regulated and that the US and the EU should work together to develop “robust” rules to guide the development of the powerful new technology. .

As the competition to create the next exciting AI-powered product heats up, and companies scramble to integrate AI into their operations, Pichai said: “What matters even more is the race to build AI responsibly. Making sure that as a society we get it right.”

Pichai previously warned about the need to regulate AI, but writing in the Financial Times today, he said, “The technology is now at an inflection point… I still believe there is a reason not to regulate AI.” Too important to have, and too important not to be well regulated.”

“Developing a policy framework that anticipates potential pitfalls and unlocks benefits will require intensive discussion among governments, industry experts, publishers, academia and civil society,” he said.

“Legislators may not need to start from scratch: existing regulations provide a useful framework for managing the potential risks of new technologies. But continued investment in research and development will be critical for responsible AI – as AI must Will ensure to implement safely, especially where regulations are still developing,” he said.

Pichai, who has acknowledged that there can be ‘sleepless nights’ over AI nightmares, said international cooperation will be key when it comes to formulating these new AI regulations.

“The US and Europe are strategic allies and partners. It is important that both work together to build a strong, pro-innovation framework for emerging technology based on shared values ​​and goals.

His comments came after British scientist Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed the “godfather of AI”, left his role at Google due to concerns about the dangers of artificial intelligence, particularly its potential to spread misinformation. In.

Hinton told The New York Times, “I don’t think they should increase it until they understand whether they can control it.”

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