‘Bye, bye birdie’: EU says goodbye to Twitter as company pulls out code to fight disinformation

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‘Bye, bye birdie’: EU says goodbye to Twitter as company pulls out code to fight disinformation

Vera Jourova said that despite Twitter’s withdrawal, the EU’s anti-disinformation code remains “robust”.

European Commission vice-president for prices and transparency Vera Jourova dismissed Twitter’s latest decision to abandon the EU’s anti-disinformation code as “irresponsible” at a time when Russia’s disintegration is extremely dangerous.

Jourova tweeted on Saturday, “Bye, bye birdie.” “Twitter has chosen a tough approach to complying with our digital laws,” she said.

“Russia’s propaganda is dangerous and it is irresponsible to leave it [the] The anti-disintegration code of the European Union”.

Dozens of tech firms, including Meta (along with Instagram and Facebook), TikTok, Google, Microsoft and Twitch, have voluntarily signed up to the EU’s anti-disinformation code renewed last year.

Despite the fact that Twitter’s return may seem like a major setback in the fight against misinformation and fake news in the EU, Jourova Said that “the code remains robust, sets high standards and is at the heart of our efforts to address misinformation”.

The EU official said she would meet with the code’s signatories in June, “so that we can take forward our actions, especially ahead of the elections”.

The EU’s internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, announced on Friday Twitter’s decision to opt out of the EU’s voluntary code to fight the spread of misinformation and fake news.

Twitter has not yet commented on or confirmed the decision.

Even without the anti-disruption code, Breton said he would hold Twitter accountable for following the block’s content rules. “The obligations will remain,” he said, specifying that social media platforms will still have to comply with EU laws. “You can run, but you can not hide”.

Fighting disinformation will become a legal obligation in the EU from August 25, when platforms with more than 45 million monthly active users, including Twitter, will have to comply with the rules. Digital Services Actor DSA – a set of regulations aimed at protecting Europeans online.

The act will force large online platforms and search engines to be more diligent in their content moderation and cut down on misinformation.

For Twitter, this would mean allowing users to flag illegal content on the platform and act swiftly to stop the spread of misinformation.

Since Elon Musk took the helm of the company last year, many have accused him of increasing disinformation on the platform, especially as the billionaire promised to turn Twitter into a beacon of free speech. After there was restoration of previously suspended or banned accounts. Donald Trump and Andrew Tate.

Many of the accounts he restored were suspended or banned for spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories or hate speech.

in an interview with the BBC In April, Musk claimed that there is less misinformation on Twitter now than when he acquired the company in October, but many experts disagree.

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