a new anti-phishing protection feature

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saeed1 March 2023Last Update : 3 months ago
a new anti-phishing protection feature

phishing is one of the most popular attacks you can come across on the internet when you check your email from a computer or smartphone.

This is a fraudulent technique to encourage a user to communicate his personal data such as an access account, a password, a bank card number while pretending to be a trusted entity.

Generally, hackers behind phishing and phishing operations resell the information collected from victims in the form of a database and files which are then shared for free in forums and illegal download websites.

And these files are not only exploited by hackers but also by antivirus vendors, anti-phishing as well as anti-malware in order to warn users infected with this kind of data leak.

Microsoft and in its new version of Windows 11 22H2 has integrated a new feature advanced anti-phishing protection a little different in operation. A very important and free security feature that is unfortunately disabled by default.

In this quick guide, we show you how to activate Windows 11 anti-phishing protection in just a few steps that you must follow.

How to enable anti-phishing protection in Windows 11 22H2

This security feature called ” Enhanced Phishing Protection simply displays an alert on your screen when you try to store your password in a third-party application such as in Notepad, in a Word file or in an Excel file.

And it also concerns all insecure applications that are not made to store this kind of sensitive information as well as insecure websites. To activate this protection, go to Windows security and follow this path:

Settings > Privacy and Security > WindowsSecurity > Application and browser control > Reputation-based protection > Reputation-based protection settings.

And in this window Reputation-based protection settings”, activate the option “Anti Phishing Protection” and just below this option, you can also enable (check) three other alerts and notifications options:

  • Notify me of password reuse
  • Notify me of password reuse
  • Warn me about malicious apps and sites (checked by default)

If you are already on the latest version of Windows 11 22H2, do not hesitate to activate this feature given its importance in the security of your sensitive data.

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