How to transfer a person on Instagram?

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How to transfer a person on Instagram?

A particular user’s posts or stories are boring you. You would no longer like to see them appearing in your Instagram feed. Well, it is possible thanks to the feature” mute “. And the most interesting thing is that the person mutated is not informed.

Indeed, you will continue to exchange with her as if nothing had happened. You can even view their publications and stories of her by going directly to their profile of her. The other point that you will also not fail to appreciate with the mute is that it is not definitive. Indeed, you can reactivate it whenever you want.

To help you get the most out of this Instagram feature, we decided to make this tutorial. You will find the three different methods to transfer a person on Instagram with any terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet…).

Method #1: Mute someone on Instagram from their profile
Mute mode or mute in English can be activated on Instagram from the profile of the targeted user. This method is certainly a bit long, but it can be used at any time. It comes in several small steps.

Step 1: Access your Instagram account
First of all, you need to access your Instagram account. If you use a smartphone or a tablet, just click on the social network icon. You can do this from the desktop (if the icon is there) or the application menu of your mobile device

This is your first time trying to log into Instagram from your smart phone. If so, you will then need to authenticate on the social network to be able to access your account. You will have to do the same to connect to the web version of the platform from a computer.

Step 2: Go to the profile of the targeted Instagram user
Once the Instagram news feed is displayed on your device (smartphone or computer), you can go to the second step. This consists of opening the profile of the user who is being muted. You don’t know how to access it. Do not panic, in this case you just have to follow the path below.

  • Click on the button” To research“. It’s the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.
  • Then enter the name of the user you want to “mutate” in the ” To research“.
  • Then, select their profile from the results that have just appeared.

Step 3: Mutate the target account

  • Look for the option” Followed…“. Click on it as soon as you find it to reveal some special Instagram features.
  • in the pop up which has just been displayed, there are several functionalities. But the one that interests us here is the function” mute“. Touch her from her.
  • Two options are available here. Indeed, you have the possibility to mute the user’s publications and/or their stories. All you have to do is toggle the switch for the news you’d like to hide to the right.
  • In this case, all of the affected Instagram user’s posts and stories have been muted.

Method #2: Mute an Instagram User from News Feed

You can also “mute” someone on Instagram using a different process. The good news is that this second method is not as long as the first. However, one can only use it from the Instagram newsfeed. But for that, the user you want to mute must have made a publication. Here’s how you should go about mutating someone from the Instagram feed.

  • Browse the news feed that is on the home screen of the application in search of a publication made by the targeted profile.
  • Once you’ve spotted it, click the ” Options“. These are the three small dots placed above the publication, more precisely on the right
  • A small window should now appear at the bottom of your screen. In it, you will find several options. Pick out” Hide“.
  • Then, select by available features “ mute + (name of the user concerned)”.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll have one last choice left to make. Indeed, at this level, you must specify whether you want to hide the publications of the targeted account and/or its stories.
  • To mute it, you can choose the second option which involves “muting” its posts and stories.

Method #3: Mute Instagram Stories

It is also possible to transfer a person on Instagram via the stories bar. It’s simple, fast and effective. Someone is annoying you with their stories, just follow the steps below to stop them from appearing in the feed again.

  • Long press on the avatar of the targeted user that appears in the stories bar.
  • A mini-window should now appear in the lower section of the screen. If necessary, you will find two sub-headings, namely ” see profile” and ” mute “. Click on the feature” mute “.
  • Then choose how you would like to transfer the person involved. If you no longer want to see their stories, select the first option, ie ” Hide story“. But to completely “mutate” the account in question, you must choose to ” Hide posts and stories “.

How to turn off mute mode on Instagram?

You miss posts and stories from someone you’ve mutated. You can disable this mode on their profile so that their account can appear again in the news.

All you have to do to get there is follow the path described in the first method. This will allow you to reach the two switches that are activated. If necessary, you will only have to click on each of them to deactivate the mode mute on the relevant profile.

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